Pin Stripe Persuasion

Happy Monday after Turkey Day, everyone! If you're like me, you dread today for two reasons. 1) We have to go back to school//work 2) That means we have to put on real pants and cry when our boyfriend jeans become skinny fit. Here's the deal though, we all need to chill out a little but about the 5 pounds we MAY have gained over the long Holiday weekend. Who gives a shit? Pie tastes good and so does beer. Although I'm all about balance and living a healthy lifestyle, there are more important things than sprinting to the gym the day after Thanksgiving. I hope everyone took the time to enjoy their family + friends because that's what's really important here. Is it fun stepping on the scale after stuffing our face with mashed potatoes? No, but I promise after a week of eating healthy, fresh, and normal you'll be ok. At the end of the day it's all about getting the most out of life. Eat well, play often, and remember how important your loved ones are.   

All that aside, I have some good news...I found a pair of pants that still look sleek, sharp, and allow a little 'fifth-piece-of-pecan-pie' wiggle room.

It's no secret that I'm an 'all denim all the time' kind of woman. When it comes to pants I'm constantly throwing on my black denim or high wasited light wash, but I figured it was about time to add something new to my closet.

Now let's talk about Gap. People my age throw shade at Gap all the time and I think it's total bullshit. Go ahead and TRY to find quality basics at a better price than gap. Not only did I find my new favourite pair of pants there (the pinstripe ones seen here) but also a gorgeous bordeaux sweater (also seen here). 

The Pinstripe Jogger has a smooth stretch twill weave and banded waist band that allows for all day comfort while still looking chic, relaxed, and badass. Today I paired mine with black booties (yes navy + black can be paired together if you do it right!), a basic sweater, and a pop of leather (no longer available, similar here). For a more casual look I've also paired them with a slim fit turtleneck, basic black trench, and Nike sneakers. The possibilities are endless and the choice is completely yours to make!

I couldn't be happier that I've found a pair of 'shit-I-ate-my-weight-in-stuffing pants' that still let me feel good about myself. Bless you, Gap for making my week after Thanksgiving that much easier.

All the best + have an amazing week everyone!

Morgan xoxo S+R