Viva Nash Vegas

Well it's that time of year again! With Thanksgiving tomorrow and Christmas/Hanukkah right around the corner, I thought I would take a hot second to thank you guys for reading and share a little bit about what I'm thankful for.

1) Family + Loved Ones: There is nothing more precious than time spent with loved ones, and as I'm growing older I'm learning to cherish every second I have with my immediate and extended family. This holiday season I challenge myself and everyone reading to shut up, put the phone down, and fully embrace these special relationships that we are so lucky to have. 

2) The Journey: As the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens, and I couldn't be more thankful for it right now. Life has a habit of kicking our ass, but I'm a firm believer in the idea that we are never given more than we can handle. With each misstep and wrong turn we get closer and closer to finding our true calling in life. It's amazing how many opportunities can arise from the ability to adapt to life and push ourselves through the awkward and unknown.

3) This Damn Good City I Live In: Holy hell, am I in love with Nashville right now. The community of creatives and intellectuals is unlike any other I've ever known. The city is booming and so are the citizens. I am so proud to be a part of a community that's not only accepting of everyone and everything, but also making a difference in the way we treat our neighbors and inspire continuous growth. Rock the fuck on Nash Vegas.

And I could go on for days, but you're not here to listen to me ramble on about what I'm thankful for. You're here for the let's get to it!

I picked up this sexy leather jacket with a faux fur collar from TopShop the other day. Since the purchase, I've worn it 5 out of 6 days and don't plan on taking it off anytime soon. Not only is it warm, but it's the perfect way to add luxury to an overwhelmingly edgy piece. I paired my coat with a sweater dress I got from Target (exact one no longer available but their website has plenty of gorgeous sweater dress options!) and my good ol' Stuart Weitzman AllLegs boots.

There are a few fall staples every girl must have and this outfit shows 3 of them: a quality leather jacket (quality doesn't have to mean expensive, it can also mean practical), a sweater dress (to take you from errand day to lunch with the in-laws), and a signature pair of (kick ass) boots that can tie an entire look together.

All of that said, here's hoping everyone has an amazing (and stylish) holiday. I am so beyond grateful to everyone who comes to the site and hope that my little blog rants on life and style help you get the most out of life while looking good doing it! 

All of my love,

Morgan xoxo S+R