These Boots Were Made For (street) Walking.

One of my favourite qualities of the fashion industry is that it's ever evolving, ever growing. There's constantly room for change and ample opportunities to experiment. That goes for our personal styles too!  

Living in Nashville and styling young musicians gives me the chance to play with all sorts of different styles. Remember that you don't have to have one set and stuck style identity! There's nothing wrong with mixing things up and pushing yourself a little out of your comfort zone. 

Don't dress for anyone other than yourself (especially we talked about, they don't give a shit) and feel great about your style aesthetic! Us fashion bloggers and stylists are here to guide you, but really the choice is up to you!  

So what am I wearing today? These are the Stuart Weitzman AllLegs boots I posted about a week or two ago. This is the first time I've paired them with jeans and I'M IN LOVE. I paired the boots with a medium wash pair of Madwell Jeans (to keep that black suede of the boots poppin') and an oversized deep emerald scarf. 

Fashion is about balance, whether it be through colour combinations or shapes. In this outfit I made sure to balance tight boots and tight jeans with an oversized scarf. I prefer to have an element of coverage in an outfit that is primarily tight or revealing...especially if it's street style. Another one of my favourite balanced looks right now is a knee length pencil skirt with a boyfriend tee and heels. 

Be you, be beautiful, be balanced! Try some different pieces, have fun with fashion! Change up your style for a night, you never know what could come of it! Have an amazing week everyone...   

Lots of love, 

Morgan xoxo S+R


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