Pretty In Pink

Why hello there! So I'm going to take a second and talk about school. Today marked my last 'first day of school'...and I couldn't be happier. Don't get me wrong, school's been all well and fine...but I'm ready to keep on keeping on. Not to say I won't miss things here or there (like the fact that you 'can't be an alcoholic in college' and 'casual Friday' is every day of the week), but I'm ready to start bringing some kick ass shit to the silk + raven site.

That all being said, I'm going into this year with my head high and a nice glass of wine to end each school day. Here's to all my seniors, best of luck doing whatever it is you're planning on doing after school. Stay thirsty, stay foolish, and when in doubt always remember my personal motto...shut up + work harder.


Morgan xoxo S+R

Outfit details: Pink Vest (Bought at Nordstrom, find here) Gray Dress (Target, find here) Gray Booties (Bought at Nordstrom, find here) Marble BackPack (Target, find here)