Blank Stairs

Well shit. Just like that, the weekend is almost over. Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend, whatever that definition may mean. If anyone's curious, I did nothing. The extent of my weekend was shooting for this thing and picking up some SICK new vintage pieces (which will be on sale right here...can you say Vintage Versace?). But I'm not upset about it, because you know what? Thrifting and blogging makes me freaking happy. So here's my advice to you, DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. You want to stay home//watch a movie alone on a Friday night instead of get plastered at the local bar? Then do it, damn it. Life is too short to please any one other than yourself first. Like we've all heard a million times, the ones who mind don't matter and matter don't mind.

So here's to whatever your weekend plans were and to living everyday like it's your last. Stay thirsty and stay foolish ladies and gents.  

Today's outfit includes a Veronica Beard skirt (Bought at Nordstrom, find similar here) a trouve white tee (Bought at Nordstrom, find similar here) Joie lace-up heels (Bought at Nordtsrom, find here) and marble backpack (find here).