HALSEY. Why we're obsessed.

As a wardrobe stylist living in Nashville, music is a pretty huge part of my life. I'm always on the search for new and exciting artists to listen to and share. Music for you Monday is just a little way for me, and occasionally some guests, to share what I'm listening to with all of you. 

That brings me to today's post...

Holy shit. I don't know where the hell this chick came from, but damn. The girl is an enigma and her first album, which dropped last Friday, is creepy yet calming; sexy yet scary (if that doesn't entice you, I don't know what will). I have been and will always be a huge Lana Del Rey fan and originally thought this girl was just trying to copy what Lana had already been so successful at. I was wrong. Halsey's first album Badlands is an experience. But don't just sit here and read what I have to say about, go listen yourself and share your thoughts!

My Favorite Tracks:

1. Colors 2. Haunting 3. Ghost

Halsey's Outfit Details: black overalls (find here), black bra (find here), white panties (find here) Nike tennis shoes (find here)