The Unapologetic Trendsetters: Madison Leblanc

Well hey everyone! Welcome to a very special edition of The Unapologetic Trendsetters! Today marks the launch of our very first Lookbook, and we thought who better to feature than our ass-kicking model? Meet Madison Leblanc, owner of By Dolly Haze (a rad online store selling handmade knit tops and soon to be scarves, leg warmers, etc.)...

Give us a run down of what a normal day looks like for you.

I usually sleep in super late because I stay up all night, but lately I've been waking up earlier! I always make green tea when I wake up. I work for Live Nation so it's usually long days and I get home pretty late! Usually when I get home, I work on art or knitting or I read.

Tell us about your new clothing line//site and what you’re doing!  

By Dolly Haze is getting re-vamped! After a crazy summer, I am venturing away from halter tops and more into the realm of beanies and scarves and legwarmers...cozy, warm things.
Describe your style in one sentence.

How did you get into making scarves and tops and everything else?

My grandma taught me how to crochet when I was really young! Then a gay man on a plane to Toronto taught me how to knit...I was hooked! (That was a pun.) 😂

Describe your style in one sentence.

Confused. (lol)

Describe your DREAM outfit to us.

I love dresses! Usually short, flowy ones! Or bell bottoms. Always platform shoes. Probably a leather jacket with lots of fringe!

Top 5 favorite places to shop?

Wasteland, Buffalo Exchange, Nasty Gal, DollsKill, and Urban Outfitters!

If you could trade places with one person for 24 hours who would it be and why?

Probably Audrey Kitching, honestly. I've loved her forever. Her life seems so vibrant and I'd want to raid her closet/skincare drawer.

If you were in a position of high power and you had to have a code name, what would it be?

A code name?! Oh man. Probably something stupid. My mom chose Helena as my middle name so she could call me Mad as Hell. Probably something like that.

Is that different from what your rap name would be?

My elementary school best friend's dad used to call me Maddog. That could be my rap name.

Who is your dream husband and why?

Brandon Boyd. Do I really need a reason?

When can people buy your products//where will you be selling them?

Products will be available hopefully in the beginning of November through my website! I will also be releasing certain products into local shops as well!

Anything else you want our readers and trendsetters to know?

Say hi! Reach out and let's be friends! I want to hug everyone.

How can everyone connect with you?

Insta: @madisonhleblanc / @bydollyhaze
Twitter: @madisupertramp

Make sure to check out Madison's Lookbook and show her some love!

Have an amazing week, trendsetters! Silk+Raven xoxo