Urban Sportswear

My favorite trend for the season? Urban Sport, hands down. It's chic, it's comfortable, it's hot, and I'm obsessed. Stores like Lulu Lemon + Carbon 38 have set the trend by designing incredibly sleek and sexy pieces that take you from hot yoga to hot date (seriously, some of their yoga bodysuits double as night wear). 

But even high fashion and designer brands are starting to take notice (hello Stella McCartney and Yeezy for Adidas)! This Helmut Lang racerback dress (no longer available, find similar here) is my go to right now. The best part about this trend is the confidence and the "I'm a badass with a nice ass" mentality you get from wearing it. I fully support any trend that allows you to feel powerful as well as promote a healthy lifestyle.

So here's hoping you all pick up a piece of Urban Sportswear, and let the badass bitch within you loose on the world!

Morgan xoxo S+R   

Suggested Stores: Athleta, Lulu Lemon, Carbon 38

Dress (see above) Boots are Allsaints (no longer available, find similar here)