ALESSIA CARA. Why she's the unapologetic trendsetter...

I've been thinking a lot about who my blog + (soon to be) clothing company is designed for. Who out there am I trying to find? What am I trying to promote with my blog? How do I describe who I am + what my style even is? Well I think I've finally got it.

Welcome to Silk + Raven, home of the Unapologetic Trendsetter.

So now that I've got that done, it makes sense to post about someone who is just that, right? I introduce to you, Alessia Cara. You may have heard her smash hit Here on Top 40 radio, but I am here to tell you to sit your booty down and listen to her entire EP Four Pink Walls. I'm no different, I heard Here on the radio and immediately Shazamed it (Shazam is still relevant, right?).  I felt like Alessia was singing to my freshman year self...screw the girl who's complaining about her 'haters', stay away from me gross-dude-who's-throwing-up-his-drink, and leave me alone to sit here and think about my big dream and big plans to take over the planet. But really, what unapologetic trendsetter hasn't felt that way? 

Alessia follows up her hit Here with four more songs including title track Four Pink Walls. She touches on everything from not wanting to grow up to newly found accidental love. I'm in love with the EP and I think you all will be too. Alessia's lyrics are punchy and her melodies catchy. She's not afraid to speak her mind and manages to be a total badass in the process. 

We love you, Alessia. Keep on repin' the Unapologetic Trendsetters.

Morgan xoxo S+R