NYFW DIARY: Day 2 at iiJin + Demoo Parkchoonmoo

So Day 2...The shows of the day were iiJin (the first four runway shots) + Demoo Parkchoonmoo (the last four runway shots). iiJin did a fantastic job bringing about a cyber punk feel to their fall/winter collection. I was not incredibly familiar with the brand before the show and am honestly happy I wasn't! It was exciting having no real idea of what to expect! If you're into an Asian inspired cyber punk feel...this is the show for you!

Demoo Parkchoonmoo blewwwww me away! Everything she designed would fit perfectly into my closet for this last little cold bit of 2016. Her sheer sweater dresses gave me LIFE *calling it...sheer sweater dresses are going to be a thing for 2016*. I loved her over coats and color pallet, I'll definitely be looking to get a few of her pieces into my wardrobe for F/W 2016-2017! Only bad note, the shoes. I hated them. Oh well, no one's perfect(;

I ended up changing after the shows from a vintage fur piece with Rag and Bone shoes and leather to an AllSaints jacket with a jogger styled trouser pant and Nike Air Jordans to walk around the city and ATTEMPT to keep out of the cold! (Well, a little alcohol blanket helped too...!) Day 2 was A LOT of fun, if you get the chance...make sure to check out each of the designers collections and tell me what you think!

Much love, babes!

Morgan xoxo S+R