NYFW DIARY: Day 3 at Collina Strada + Leanne Marshall

So Day 3. Holy Shiznips. You guys, Collina and Leanne were incredible. Collina was a presentation as opposed to a show which meant you could get all up close and personal with the models. I was lucky enough to get backstage and see what went in to their out of this world, gender-less looks. At first I wasn't seeing the cohesion as they smeared goop across the model's faces...but once the models went out into the presentation room I understood. I absolutely adored the four looks I posted. The fur jackets and pop of baby pink made my heart flutter. I love seeing "spring" colors used in fall and winter lines. Collina was definitely a win.  

& then there was Leanne. Now don't get me wrong, I love being single. HOWEVER, Leanne's show made me want to fall in love and get married in one of her gorgeous creations. My jaw was on the damn floor the entire show. The way she makes her pieces dainty yet boxy yet sexy yet elegant blows my freakin' mind. I've rewatched the show many time (right here) to bask in the beauty Leanne created. The former Project Runway star has come a long way and I couldn't be more impressed. Now quick, someone invite me to a gala so I can get myself a Leanne original(;

I finished the day looking around Chloe's showroom and fell hard for their outerwear and color pallet this season. Do yourself a favor and take a little look over at Chloe's current line, Collina, and Leanne. You won't be disappointed!

I choose to walk around the city in a copper bomber from TopShop, a cashmere tunic from Helmut Lang, and a cream pair of trousers from Haute Hippie. I think I lived in this bomber during NYFW...but how could I not?!

I hope your guys find as much joy looking at these lines as I did, let me know what you think!

All the best, babes!

Morgan xoxo S+R