Vested Interests

From the feeling in the air I think it's safe to say it's finally starting to warm up a little bit! I for one am desperate for a little but of warm weather up in this city I call home. Don't get me wrong, I adore the winter seasons as layering is my be all end all, but I'm majorly over having to layer jackets on jackets. I don't know if it was the -19 degree days in New York that finally broke me, but I am DYING for some heat up in this town. 

Maybe part of the reason I'm so anxious for some warmth is because I just found my new summer staple and I'm ready to break it in! Ladies + Gents...the tailored vest. Some know it more as a "sleeveless coat" (which I have also called it in the past) but either way, this piece is gold. One of my major struggles once it starts warming up is finding ways to still look chic and tailored and not want to kick my own ass for wearing a long sleeve piece in 80 degree weather. With this vest, your body can breathe a little bit. I've been pairing mine with turtlenecks and leather pants recently, but I can't wait to start pairing it with t-shirt dresses and ripped black denim shorts in the summer.

You will absolutely being seeing more of this piece in posts to come. I snagged mine at Nordstrom but I'll throw a few more options similar to it down in the "Shop The Look" bar (which is such a stupidly cool feature...I'm kind of still geeking out about it!). 

Have an amazing Friday everyone! Get out there and enjoy today. All my love,

Morgan xoxo S+R

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