Suede + Shreds

Happy Tuesday, everyone! So I want to take a second and talk about popularity. No no, I don't mean like OMG I'm sooooo popular, the concept of being well liked and accepted.

I was shopping on the guys side of H&M the other day and noticed I was getting some odd looks from the shoppers around me. As I slipped on an oversized men's bomber jacket I was met by a bratty young employee who told me "The women's clothing is on the other side of the store". Did it bother me what some barely 18 year old thought of my desire to dress myself in men's clothing? No, but it got me thinking...maybe I shouldn't wear this on the blog? Are people going to like it? Are my readers going to like the idea of me shredding a giant men's sweater and wearing it as a dress? I'm not sure...

And as I looked at the giant black sweater I had in my hand, I realized something... no matter what you do, somebody somewhere is always going to disagree with you, not understand you, or flat out no fu*king like you. 

and you know what? WHO GIVES A DAMN. At the end of the day, we have to go to sleep proud of who we are and what we have accomplished. We can't let anyone define the parameters of our creativity and individuality.

Look, people are always going to have their opinions. I spent Saturday night in a tearful rage deciding whether or not to let some bitter twit's cruel nature and unnecessary/unwelcomed thoughts on my character get the best of me. (For those curious, I didn't let it get the best of me). People are mean and people are going to break you from time to time. Stay strong in your beliefs and in short; F*CK THE HATERS. 

Ok so back to clothing, obviously I bought the sweater aforementioned and am CRAZY about how the shredding turned out! I had no idea what I was doing and decided to just start cutting and ripping and hope for the best. If anyone wants details on how to shred a sweater, let me know and I'll throw a tutorial together! I paired my sweater with boots, black aviators, and a piece of ribbon I bought at Jo-Ann Fabrics and tied around my neck. Chokers have become a predominant trend for this up coming spring season and to avoid breaking the bank, grab a few rolls of quilting tape or silk ribbon in a bunch of different colors to have a home made choker for every outfit this(;

Much love, keep kicking ass babes!!

Morgan xoxo S+R

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