Camel Colored Assets

I am a firm believer in self-love and admiration. What the hell is the point of criticizing yourself? You are you, and that is enough. There's nothing more important than waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror, and saying "Damn, I love myself." Now that doesn't mean be an egotistical asshole and treat everyone like they're beneath you, but be your own fan and realize you're worth it. 

Everybody's got that something they really love about themself, and I'm here to tell you to SHOW IT OFF, GIRL. That could be a physical attribute, a passion, a skill, a quality...doesn't matter...let it be known! You think you have a killer hour-glass figure? I better see you wearing that body-con dress. You think you're an absolutely amazing baker? I want to see a YouTube channel dedicated to you making your favorite recipes.

You've got one life, you might as well do what's going to make you happy!

So how does this outfit today relate? Well, I knew I wanted to talk about showing off your I picked an outfit that I felt showed off mine. I'm a part of the itty bitty t**ty committee, and I'm finally at the point where I don't care. I'll wear my Deep V bodysuit and work what I got. I'm long legged--short torso'd so I'll always accentuate my legs and ALWAYS be in heels.

Nobody's perfect, but who cares. In terms of clothing, find that one thing you LOVE about your body and accentuate the hell out of it. I got into dressing myself and other people for a living because confidence is the most valuable thing a woman can have, and what easier way to get a boost of it than by wearing a hot outfit?

At the end of the're beautiful, you're brilliant, and you freaking matter. Don't ever let anybody tell you otherwise. 

Much love to all my bad bitches out there making a difference. Keep doing your thing,

Morgan xoxo S+R


Outfit Details: TopShop Suit (Bought at Nordstrom, find here and here) American Apparel Body Suit (Find here) Giving Key Necklace (shout-out to my boy Nathan for giving it to me, find one here) Blee Inara Necklaces (find here) Topshop Python Boots (bought at Nordstrom, find here)