Jack Garratt

British born Jack Garratt played in Nashville last night at Marathon Music Works. I hadn't been too familiar with Garratt's work until a friend of mine damn near forced me to stop what I was doing and pay attention to the enigma that is Jack Garratt. I was hooked instantaneously after hearing the raw track “My House Is Your Home” followed by the feel good indie alt track "Weathered" (listen below). Garratt's album Phase is an earth-shaker if I've ever heard one. Not only is the man a disgustingly good vocalist, but the cohesion and vibe he creates paints a vivid image of the soul that's inside this extraordinarily talented man. Garratt’s music falls under a mixture of Alternative Rock/Pop, Progressive Rock, and Experoimental Pop.

Not many performers can pull off a better live performance than studio, but he is definitely one. The man plays guitar while pounding away on his drum/synth pad, while ALSO nailing every note that comes out of his mouth. His presence and skill level paired with his already phenomenal music make him a force to be reckoned with. 

Jack Garratt is touring all over the world this year with Two Door Cinema Club, I would highly recommend seeing them live! Follow their TOUR dates and locations HERE.