Marant Saves The Day

I have been attending more graduations and weddings and celebrations than my closet knows what to do with. It always seems to be that you find the perfect dress when you're NOT looking, then the second you're screwed.

So Imagine me, the night before MY graduation, working with one of my chickie's in Nordstrom, desperately searching for a dress! I knew I wanted something I could wear over and over again to many different occasions, but what?  Cue Isabel Marant....  

The minute I laid my eyes on this dress I knew it was the one. The fit and flow is spectacular, the embroidery is out of a dream, and the color is so starkly white it had me catching my own reflection! Isabel Marant is destroying the fashion scene right now. For lovers of everything from Chloe to Free People, Marant is for you.

So my advice for the day is this: When you have to buy a piece for a special occasion, make sure you love it enough to get your damn wear out of it! Quality over quantity, If you find yourself wanting to wear it to way more than JUST your roommate's sister's wedding, it's a keeper.

All my love, have a spectacular rest of the week, everyone!!

Morgan xoxo

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