S+R x Vans

The sun is beginning to shine brighter and longer, which can only mean it's time to break into that summer wardrobe that's been packed away for what feels like decades! As I was going through mine, I began to realize just how bad I needed a fresh pair of kicks. I immediately knew two things, they had to be white and they had to be sleek!

I spent almost an entire day looking at sneaker after sneaker...one was too low, one had weird designs, one didn't fit right...and then I saw Vans. Once I put this shoe on, I knew my search was over. Vans have been kicking butt and taking names since their inception. Now, like most of you, I always assumed Vans were for skaters or high school boys in skinny jeans. But I was wrong. I have fallen in love with the leather construction and detailing that make this shoe as special as it is. 

I've paired my Sk8-His with white dresses, patterned rompers, denim, you name it. They go spectacularly with anything. I've also worn them for long periods of time and can honestly say I have felt no pain what so ever! I am beyond crazy about them!

So however your summer wardrobe is looking right now, you can count on Vans to have the perfect shoe to go with it. Shop directly from their online store or go see them in retailers like Journeys, Nasty Gal, and J. Crew.

Have a spectacular holiday break, everyone!

Morgan xoxo

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