UO On You

Even though I'm only 5'8", finding a pair of flared denim that's long enough for me to wear heels with is damn near impossible! I know, I know, my momma always tells me I shouldn't complain, but it's just a pain in the butt! So for all my tall ladies out there I'm telling ya the search is OVER. One brand is changing the game for everyone needing a little extra length.

Ladies & Gentlemen, FRAME DENIM.

Now I've already told you they're perfect for taller ladies, but that doesn't mean shorter women can't snag themselves a pair too. Frame is hands down my favorite denim at the moment. They have the best fit and the best quality of any denim on the market right now. Stylist's Tip: GO DOWN A SIZE. They will stretch a hole size on you so if they're tight in the dressing room, that's the size you need.

I paired my Frame Flare with my all time FAVORITE top in my closet right now. This amazing UO off the should top is exactly what my wardrobe has been yearning for. Bonus...the thicker material alongside the flowy nature alongside the pattern of the top make this piece incredibly easy to go bra-less (what we all REALLY look for in a top!)


(photos: Jessica Steddom)