Casual + Keeping Cool

Life lesson of the day: DON'T TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY. Life is going to suck and people are going to make you feel like shit, however, you just can't let that get to you. People are going to judge and people are going to question you, but who the hell cares?

Take that last picture for example, Kenzie and I were walking around The Gulch (Nashville) looking for a place to shoot when we came across this little alleyway. See that last picture of me laying and laughing on a table? About 5 minutes prior there was a 20 something year old drunk woman crying her eyes out and yelling at her boss for firing her at that exact table. After the young woman left, I (being the total derp I am) decided the table needed some love. I then got up on the table, sprawled out, and laughed at how everyone looked on as if I were crazy. Thus explaining the candid smile and genuine "I don't give a shit" attitude seen in the picture. 

Point is, relax bro. Smile and do something stupid once in a while, nobody has time for someone who takes them self too damn seriously.

Now on to the clothing, there's something to be said about knowing how to be 'casual cool'. This has become my uniform for running around town. Invest in a light trench coat (I chose a neutral color that still pops against basics like jean underneath), a good pair of jeans, and some comfy cute sneaks to run about in.

I'm obsessed with these little Nike sneakers (<-- not exact but close) I snagged from Nordstrom, but I've also been thinking a lot about the Stan Smith by Adidas recently. Stay tuned to see if I make the plunge and buy those too! I paired the trench and sneakers with my favorite Madewell jeans, and a quick crop from Topshop! You just can't go wrong when there's a trench coat and sneakers involved!

So here's to the weekend ahead of us, I hope all of you laugh hard and get yo 'casual cool' on(;


Morgan xoxo S+R