(Criss)Cross My Heart

Cross my heart and hope to die...kind of a dramatic little phrase, isn't it? I'm sitting here thinking about what I want to talk about in today's post and all I keep thinking about are men...so I guess I'm going to talk about men (no wait, don't leave...this will be good, I promise).


We hate them, we love them, we freaking love to hate them and hate to love them. I've gone through heart break, my friends have gone through heart break, my sister has gone through heart break, news flash: WE'VE ALL DONE IT. And through all of my experiences with men I've come to realize a few things, and I'd like to share them with you.

1. STOP READING INTO THINGS: Ladies, if he blatantly ignores your texts and doesn't talk to you for days on end it's not because he's playing hard to get. If he doesn't talk to you, it's because he doesn't want to. I know, I know, "Damn that's harsh, Morgan". But seriously, stop trying to analyze the creature. Him not texting you is not to be explained by "Well, I know he has a kind of shit relationship with his mom...so maybe he wasn't raised to communicate with the people he loves...so obviously that must mean he loves me...which TOTALLY explains why I haven't heard from him in a week". You, me, the girl next to you, the girl next to her, we're all motherf**kin' queens and deserve to be treated like it. No more analyzing for hours on end. Let. It (him). Go!

2. (that said) DON'T BE AFRAID TO MAKE THE FIRST MOVE: It's a completely different world out there! I am constantly amazed by the 18 million ways you can connect with someone now a days. Meet someone you take a liking to? You can friend him on facebook, follow him on instagram, tweet him on twitter, follow him on tumblr, snap him on snapchat, send him DMs on any of the already stated, shoot him a text, shoot him an e-mail, or freaking call the dude. It's INSANE. All that aside, let's say you're in a relationship...don't be afraid to spice things up! Blow his damn mind once in a while and go a little out of your comfort zone (believe me, he AND you won't regret it). He does not control or have power over you, but sometimes it's fun to control and have a little power over him. You only live once, make sure you're having a damn good time.

3. DON'T DRESS FOR MEN, THEY DON'T CARE: If the fashion blogger//stylist is saying it, it must be true. Look, men like the female body and don't really care about what you put on it. So why the hell would you dress for them then?! I am all about showing off my figure (see tight black jeans, heels, and deep v blouse I'm wearing) but I do it for me. I squeeze myself into spanx and push-up bras because I WANT TO. I do it because I deserve the chance to look in the mirror and give myself the nod of approval, and so do you! Wear your bodycons or your boyfriend jeans or your damn turtlenecks to the club if it's what makes YOU happy (newsflash, men are thinking about what's underneath them anyway...sorry 'bout it).    

And there you have it. My current thoughts on men and how to deal with them. Now back to the fashion side...black skinny jeans are every girl's best friend. They're the most effortless and flattering things you could possibly put on your body. Mine are Hudson Jeans but I've tried on a few amazing pairs that were Rag + Bone, J Brand, AG, and Paige. It's ok to spend a little extra on a pair of jeans because, trust me, you'll get your wear out of them

I'm obsessed with any heels that have the wrap around laces right now. These are Steve Madden and (I'm going to be brutally honest) hurt like a bitch. I strongly suggest getting a pair of Joie brand like the ones I have posted in other looks. I'm obsessed with the lacing on this black Equipment shirt and have already worn it almost every day this week, my friends can vouch for me.

I've learned the key to badassery is simplicity (and all black everything lol). So the next time you're looking to show 'em who's boss, throw on your black skinnies and heels and be the badass I know you are.

All the best, babes!

Morgan xoxo S+R