Bad Bo$$

Clothing + The Clothing Industry fascinate me. I mean, I guess that's obvious, but it's the effect clothing has on us that really gets me. I've always believed in "dressing the part", however, not because it'll change other people's opinions of you, but because I'm convinced it'll change your opinion of you. There is no denying that we feel a million times more confident and optimistic when we put ourselves in something that well represents us.

And that brings me to today's look and topic of conversation, being a boss and dressing the part. I know I've already touched on it, but if I've learned anything it's to never settle. Be your own number one fan, find that one thing you love about yourself and share it with us all! There's plenty of room for us to do something really freaking amazing. So let's do it, damn it.

But anyway...clothes...I'm a sucker for a heeled boot. Granted, I'm a sucker for a heeled anything, and either way Stuart Weitzman is killing the game. These leather over the knee boots are my go to for late summer-early spring weather. You can class them up by throwing on tights and a cape or sex 'em up with a shorter hemline. They're a statement piece within themselves. I encourage you guys to try a statement piece this fall, it's an easy way to make an outfit in a hurry!

So here's to the boss-ass women and men out there doing what you love and sharing it with the world. Be confident in your clothing choices and dress for no one other than yourself! I see you and I'm cheering for you, babes.

Morgan xoxo S+R

Outfit Details: Dress (Topshop, Bought at Nordstrom), Plaid Shirt (Target), Boots (Stuart Weitzman) Watch (Armani, Find Similar Here)