A Breath Of Fresh Air

The last couple days have been some of the hardest I've every had to go through. It doesn't matter what it was that caused it or who it was that caused it, it just sucked. But sometimes, those hard moments that make you honestly question when things will be ok, give birth to amazing opportunities of renewal and rejuvenation. It is no surprise that this little ol' blog got a face life and some of you may be wondering what "With Good Intentions" means. 

The answer is simple, it's a standard by which we all should intend to live. May every decision you make and heart you break be done so with good intentions. Be kind, be humble, be smart, and always be true to you self. It's not hard, but sometimes we find ourselves swept up in the mumbo jumbo of every day life. 

So that's that, and it's all I'll say about it. But on a lighter note, there's a whole bunch of siny new stuff coming very soon. Stay with me you guys, I'm so grateful to have you. 


(ps. I'm wearing an Isabel Marant dress and Franco Sarto lace-ups...can't forget about the fashion (; )