Story Time

Nothing in life is an accident. There is purpose in every interaction, every decision, every heart ache, and every heart beat. Life is tough and full of shitty situations, but they do not define us. They can only transform us.

I have a tendency to pour my heart out to people because, let's be real, I have no concept of personal space. I feed off of my own vulnerability in hopes that it helps someone around me realize they too can allow themselves to be vulnerable. It's something I've really explored these last few weeks as the most secure aspects of my life started crumbling around me, and damn am I glad I have.

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with a young woman who has forever changed the course of my life, and she has no idea. For anonymity purposes we're going to call her Taylor. To make a long story short, In the past week Taylor has been broken up with by her boyfriend of two years, been put on suicide watch, run from the police, gone missing for 3 days, and suffered from a miscarriage. As I sat and listened to this complete stranger pour her heart out to me over a pumpkin cookie I realized that no one gets out of life unscathed. 

Taylor is on a road to recovery and actively making the choice to reach and pull herself out of this otherwise tremendous heartbreak. There is nothing wrong with grief, there is nothing wrong with saying "fuck, I am not alright and scared shitless", but there IS something wrong in believing that heartbreak and pain is your destiny. 

For Taylor, she will never stop loving that unborn child, but the child is gone. She will never get the last two years with her boyfriend back, but they are gone. Nobody can intervene and make everything alright with the snap of a finger. The pain is there, the suffering is there and none of us can cry it away, drink it away, sleep it away, or fuck it away. It's just there and we all have to survive it. We have to endure the pain and the suffering life can throw at us. We need to live through it, love through it, grow through it, and become better BECAUSE of it. We can't run from it, but we can run (or sprint) towards our best selves and the happiness we deserve.   

Friends and family and therapists can help us through hard times, but that real deep-down-in-your-soul healing is completely and entirely up to you. We have the strength and the ability to pull ourselves out of the worst situations in life. Trust in your ability to heal and realize that you're worth everything this life has to give you.

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